Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pagefile in Windows

What is Pagefile?

It is a virtual memory similar to RAM. Pagefile is used when all the applications/processes running on server have consumed the total amount of RAM allotted to them and need more space for other operations.

If RAM is full and needed more space then RAM transfers few of pages (4KB size) to hard disk, this releases space in RAM for new operations. These paged out pages are stored in pagefile.sys. It is also called as swap file.

As RAM is a limited resource which can’t grow beyond the configured value we have to maintain pagefile properly which grow unlimitedly as it is virtual memory.

Size of pagefile:

There is no limit or standard configuration for pagefile. It can grow upto unlimited size. The standard configuration is, it should be 1.5 times RAM size.

Can we delete?

Yes, pagefile can be deleted but it is always recommended not to delete it as to reduce performance issues. If we have huge RAM then we don’t need pagefile but microsoft strongly recommends to maintain pagefile.

Can we move pagefile to other location?

Yes, pagefile can be moved to other drives and it is not mandatory that it should be a single file. Pagefile can be partionined and split between different drives.

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  1. To find out page file size in Windows Server:
    Start -> Computer->Properties->Advanced Settings->Settings (Under Performance Tab)->Advanced tab->
    Here we can paging set for all drives. Clicking on change option available in Advanced tab we can see the location and size of page file on each drive, also recommended size of it.