Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shortcut’s to SSMS

To open SSMS: Windows+R -> ssms -> enter
To get list of options for connecting: Windows+R -> ssms -? -> enter
To open new query window: Ctrl + N
To change database: Ctrl + U
To comment out part of query : Ctrl+K followed by Ctrl+C
To un-comment out part of query : Ctrl+K followed by Ctrl+U
To convert code to upper case: Ctrl+Shift+U
To convert code to lower case: Ctrl+Shift+L
To go to specific line in code: Ctrl+G and specify line number.
To parse query: Ctrl+F5
To list parameters of SP : Ctrl+Shift+Space
To toggle result pane: Ctrl+R
To return to grid in result pane: Ctrl+D
To display qeury execution plan without executing: Ctrl+L
To get actual execution plan: Ctrl+M
To include client statistics: Shift+Alt+S
To cancel long running query: Alt+Break
To toggle query window to fullscreen mode: Shift+Alt+Enter
To toggle back query window to normal mode: Shift+Alt+Enter
To get meta information of object: Alt+F1 after selecting the object

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