Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to truncate log file.

Once I was asked a question how to truncate log file. In a scenario where log file is growing rapidly and the disk is almost full.

We can use ‘backup log’ command with any of the options TRUNCATE_ONLY, NO_LOG this options will truncate the log file without taking the backup of log files.


This command will help in truncating the log file size. One thing we have to make note is after running this command we need to take fresh FULL/Differential backup as the above command will break the log sequence and hence it won’t allow to take any log backup. So to avoid any issue we must take a full backup.

TRUNCATE_ONLY/ NO_LOG: (This options is no longer valid in SQL Server 2008)

NO_TRUNCATE option is used when needed to backup a corrupt database.

To get the entire list of features that are no longer valid in SQL Server 2008 please check this link.

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